Third-World Arabs Making Swedish Doctor Money Using This Thai Website

Sara Kvaska is a Political Blogger from Beverly View, Ashburn, Chicago, who writes the reason why Indian Hindus get so much bullied online is due to their tolerant behaviour. She writes very few would dare bully a Muslim, especially a Muslim from a third-world Arab nation. She claims these Arabs from the third-world cannot tolerate a word against their race or religion, especially the Sunnis.

Sara is a huge fan of the Ukrainian Revolutionary – Nestor Ivanovich Makhno. About Makhno, Sara once wrote that Makhno was an idealist that wanted statelessness and an anarcho-socialist system, however, not only did they not have an economic agent to which they could have linked all their farms to (and likewise through that to the society as a whole), they also couldn’t reach statelessness the very moment class struggle came to be. When the White guard attacked, they practically formed a state to fight back, and eventually failed. Same goes for every anarchist system attempted in history, she adds.

About the dependence of the private property upon the existence of the state, Sara writes that it can theoretically exist without a state, but not practically. Private Property Rights are nothing more but a thought, and unless put property is secured by force, we have seen in history them practically going away, as people have just taken what they needed.

Sara believes by abolishing the state, capitalism becomes impractical and therefore automatically abolished. But considering that the rest of the world is pretty much a capitalist hegemony, reintroduction of capitalism is very likely.

The lazy but honest argument against anarchism still is: there’s states next to you.

Sara Kvaska

Sara believes Stalinism in itself is used as a pejorative to mean totalitarian rule.

Chemistry is important indeed but so is not accidentally committing tax fraud because you didn’t understand how to file taxes properly.

Sara Kvaska

Sara lived in the outliners of Europe – Malta and Poland for a while. She writes it is funny how everyone knows each other very well there and also know how does one earn money using Thai UFA websites. Run for a while you will see all the embassies and hostels and stuff.

Economist & Political Blogger Demands Funds To Bet On Sbobet88 For The Unemployed

Achima Johannes from Makassar, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who actively campaigns against the implementation of the vacant property tax, globally.

Achima has a degree in Economics and she believes Arthur Cecil Pigou was the best economist ever.

Achima actively campaigns for the death penalty for war criminals and some funds for the unemployed to bet on sbobet88.

Achima believes neither we should try to protect endangered species nor try to bring back the extinct species.

Achima writes it would be quite correct to say that the ancient religion was an attempt of the scientific thought.

Achima believes the burning of the Library of Alexandria was the worst event in human history followed by the Shoah. She also believes the third way will never regain its popularity; the left-right paradigm was never useful in politics; and Christmas is exclusive of all other cultures.

Achima believes art has no important part in our culture today; considering Hamas and Hezbollah as political friends is always inherently Anti-Semitic.

Achima believes Alexander was a traitor to the Greek values; and Happy Feet is the most overrated Bluepill movie of all times.
Achima writes she doesn’t understand why people care or bother so much about whether Charlemagne was German or French. Also, she doesn’t get why do they care about whether Zwarte Piet was a racist or not.

Achima believes the role of Suez Crisis is too overrated and overemphasized when it comes to the British Hegemony’s transition to the American Hegemony.

Achima believes Ecclesiastic Theology contributed nothing to the philosophy, let alone heavily.

Achima doesn’t agree with those who believe Carolingian was a major success in the spread of knowledge.

Achima writes American Football is far superior to the European Football (Soccer) any day and it is a pity that such a beautiful sports is not even considered mainstream.

Lansing Economist Makes Free Money Pursuing His Greatest Passion

Lionel Cretu from Lansing, Michigan, is an Economist and Free Money believer, who writes the problem is that the general population in Europe doesn’t participate in capital gains even though e.g. ETFs have made that really easy. He questions if all of the population would participate: Could this lower bond yields or inflate stock prices to dramatic levels? In other words: Could it be socially optimal that parts of the population stay away from capital gains?

Lionel writes the Marxist theory of the falling profit rate is perhaps the most stupid ones of all times. He further writes the econometric paper claims this as the evidence. He says he could easily plot a regression around this and look at the R*2 it would be so low and demonstrating statistical insignificance, many authors are already implicitly denying trend stationarity which adds to the irony of claiming this as scientific evidence.

Lionel once wrote about a major problem he faced. He imagined Bertrand competition but one firm had the lowest cost function, therefore becoming a natural monopoly. The other firms close, then the natural monopoly takes the monopoly price. Because of time lag, the natural monopoly can enjoy a temporary profit but the other firms enter again because they can offer at a lower price. Then the natural monopoly bids the lowest price again and becomes a natural monopoly again. The other firms lose money entering and leaving and because they are anticipating that they will get thrown out by the natural monopoly, the firm becomes a permanent monopoly but with the profit maximizing price. There are no entry barriers, so how can you prevent this structurally and make the natural monopoly stay at the lowest possible price?

NY Cardiologist Too Optimistic About 2021 And Lotto SOD 168

Dr Victor Beulah from Buffalo, New York, is a Cardiologist and Political Blogger, who claims to have done a great deal of research on the Mexican and Colombian Drug Cartels. He writes the Arellano-Felix Brothers were far wealthier than who is most popularly and falsely known as the richest Mexican Drug Lord of all times – Amada Carrillo Fuentes, the Gulf Cartel Boss of the 1990s – Juan Garcia Abrego, most popular drug lord of all times – Pablo Escobar. He writes perhaps Ramon Arellano Felix and his elder brother – Benjamin Arellano Felix, perhaps had more money than any of their rivals each. He also claims that the most popular and one of the richest drug lords of all times – Pablo Escobar, was in talks with the Indian Prime Minister of the time – PV Narsimha Rao, to give him refuge in India and the Indian Prime Minister looked convinced of Pablo’s brother is to be believed. But unfortunately, Pablo was killed before he could land in India.

Dr Victor couldn’t achieve any of his New Years Resolution planned for 2021, but he is too optimistic about 2022, especially about his Thai Lotto game which includes the infamous Lotto SOD 168.

Dr Victor writes Larping is not necessarily a bad thing; You can make friendships on social media; Social Media Friends are equally valuable as real life friends; Asian Minor is a Greek homeland.

Dr Victor is not happy with the censorship regarding coronavirus news everywhere on the internet and other sources.

Dr Victor believes Ephebic attitudes are more conductive to success; Seleucid empire should be considered a Persian empire; Russia should have been accepted into NATO in 1990s; And there can be an equal alternative to USA-led and China-led blocs in the world.

Dr Victor doesn’t agree with those who believe American politics is the most interesting to learn and watch out of the politics of every country (including EU Politics).

Dr Victor thinks the history and the historians never did justice to Samshi-Adad I. His greatness was comparable to Hammurabi.

Dr Victor thinks Codicology can never solve the Voynich Manuscript.

Dr Victor holds a position where he finds abortion to be a bad thing whilst still supporting it being legal.

Dr Victor recently wrote an article on the subject ‘Children are Insufferable and There is Unparalleled Beauty To Children’. The article received a great reception and nothing but positive comments.

Brexit’s NWO Connection With Betflix

Freedom Obshleger is a Political Analyst and Blogger from Jeju-si, South Korea, who thinks Turkey should be disciplined from NATO in some way for its unilateral aggressive behaviour.

Freedom believes Institutional Violence (Police, Soldiers, etc) is more comfortable to the individual/collective than personal violence in our current society.

Freedom doesn’t agree with those who think freedom of religion is still an ideal to hold onto when you have, as an example, Hitlerite cults claiming religious discrimination due to them being unable to take pilgrimages to Nazi graves or put up iconography commemorating Nazis.

Freedom believes Freedom of Religion necessarily requires a common religion against the nation. For example, majority of the US being some of Christian.

Freedom thinks humanity will go extinct within the next thousand years; United States should raid Africa.

Freedom is too impressed with Alec Baldwin’s impression of President Donald Trump. She donated a few million South Korean Won she made with Betflix to Alec for his great work.

Freedom thinks politics and online betting is more important nowadays than long-term goals for her when it comes to love.

Freedom doesn’t agree with those who think it can be a moral obligation to lie at times. Nor does she agree with those who think online shoppers should be required to pay a sales tax.

Freedom is not happy with Brexit taking a complete disregard for the Good Friday Agreement.

Freedom supports copyright protection, for she thinks digital piracy is evil.

Freedom thinks Epstein actually committed suicide; Fully Automatic Guns should be made legal; School Children should be taught how to use firearms; US and Russia should sign a new START treaty without China in it; UN should recognize Northern Cyprus as a sovereign state; Liberal Democracy is the end of history; The west and its media has had always been unfair with Moammar Gaddafi; Rajiv Gandhi was the best overall leader India ever had; Intelligence is objective and it correlates with wealth; Diogenes would have been as free as he was if there was no consistent social conventions to defy; America did good by banning Tik Tok; Christian Democracy is a good option for America; Dwight D Eisenhower was an overall good President; Malcolm X was extremely regressive for Black people but still the greatest hero for the African-American Community; North America is just as much of a mixing pot as South America.