Third-World Arabs Making Swedish Doctor Money Using This Thai Website

Sara Kvaska is a Political Blogger from Beverly View, Ashburn, Chicago, who writes the reason why Indian Hindus get so much bullied online is due to their tolerant behaviour. She writes very few would dare bully a Muslim, especially a Muslim from a third-world Arab nation. She claims these Arabs from the third-world cannot tolerate a word against their race or religion, especially the Sunnis.

Sara is a huge fan of the Ukrainian Revolutionary – Nestor Ivanovich Makhno. About Makhno, Sara once wrote that Makhno was an idealist that wanted statelessness and an anarcho-socialist system, however, not only did they not have an economic agent to which they could have linked all their farms to (and likewise through that to the society as a whole), they also couldn’t reach statelessness the very moment class struggle came to be. When the White guard attacked, they practically formed a state to fight back, and eventually failed. Same goes for every anarchist system attempted in history, she adds.

About the dependence of the private property upon the existence of the state, Sara writes that it can theoretically exist without a state, but not practically. Private Property Rights are nothing more but a thought, and unless put property is secured by force, we have seen in history them practically going away, as people have just taken what they needed.

Sara believes by abolishing the state, capitalism becomes impractical and therefore automatically abolished. But considering that the rest of the world is pretty much a capitalist hegemony, reintroduction of capitalism is very likely.

The lazy but honest argument against anarchism still is: there’s states next to you.

Sara Kvaska

Sara believes Stalinism in itself is used as a pejorative to mean totalitarian rule.

Chemistry is important indeed but so is not accidentally committing tax fraud because you didn’t understand how to file taxes properly.

Sara Kvaska

Sara lived in the outliners of Europe – Malta and Poland for a while. She writes it is funny how everyone knows each other very well there and also know how does one earn money using Thai UFA websites. Run for a while you will see all the embassies and hostels and stuff.

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