NY Cardiologist Too Optimistic About 2021 And Lotto SOD 168

Dr Victor Beulah from Buffalo, New York, is a Cardiologist and Political Blogger, who claims to have done a great deal of research on the Mexican and Colombian Drug Cartels. He writes the Arellano-Felix Brothers were far wealthier than who is most popularly and falsely known as the richest Mexican Drug Lord of all times – Amada Carrillo Fuentes, the Gulf Cartel Boss of the 1990s – Juan Garcia Abrego, most popular drug lord of all times – Pablo Escobar. He writes perhaps Ramon Arellano Felix and his elder brother – Benjamin Arellano Felix, perhaps had more money than any of their rivals each. He also claims that the most popular and one of the richest drug lords of all times – Pablo Escobar, was in talks with the Indian Prime Minister of the time – PV Narsimha Rao, to give him refuge in India and the Indian Prime Minister looked convinced of Pablo’s brother is to be believed. But unfortunately, Pablo was killed before he could land in India.

Dr Victor couldn’t achieve any of his New Years Resolution planned for 2021, but he is too optimistic about 2022, especially about his Thai Lotto game which includes the infamous Lotto SOD 168.

Dr Victor writes Larping is not necessarily a bad thing; You can make friendships on social media; Social Media Friends are equally valuable as real life friends; Asian Minor is a Greek homeland.

Dr Victor is not happy with the censorship regarding coronavirus news everywhere on the internet and other sources.

Dr Victor believes Ephebic attitudes are more conductive to success; Seleucid empire should be considered a Persian empire; Russia should have been accepted into NATO in 1990s; And there can be an equal alternative to USA-led and China-led blocs in the world.

Dr Victor doesn’t agree with those who believe American politics is the most interesting to learn and watch out of the politics of every country (including EU Politics).

Dr Victor thinks the history and the historians never did justice to Samshi-Adad I. His greatness was comparable to Hammurabi.

Dr Victor thinks Codicology can never solve the Voynich Manuscript.

Dr Victor holds a position where he finds abortion to be a bad thing whilst still supporting it being legal.

Dr Victor recently wrote an article on the subject ‘Children are Insufferable and There is Unparalleled Beauty To Children’. The article received a great reception and nothing but positive comments.

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