Economist & Political Blogger Demands Funds To Bet On Sbobet88 For The Unemployed

Achima Johannes from Makassar, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who actively campaigns against the implementation of the vacant property tax, globally.

Achima has a degree in Economics and she believes Arthur Cecil Pigou was the best economist ever.

Achima actively campaigns for the death penalty for war criminals and some funds for the unemployed to bet on sbobet88.

Achima believes neither we should try to protect endangered species nor try to bring back the extinct species.

Achima writes it would be quite correct to say that the ancient religion was an attempt of the scientific thought.

Achima believes the burning of the Library of Alexandria was the worst event in human history followed by the Shoah. She also believes the third way will never regain its popularity; the left-right paradigm was never useful in politics; and Christmas is exclusive of all other cultures.

Achima believes art has no important part in our culture today; considering Hamas and Hezbollah as political friends is always inherently Anti-Semitic.

Achima believes Alexander was a traitor to the Greek values; and Happy Feet is the most overrated Bluepill movie of all times.
Achima writes she doesn’t understand why people care or bother so much about whether Charlemagne was German or French. Also, she doesn’t get why do they care about whether Zwarte Piet was a racist or not.

Achima believes the role of Suez Crisis is too overrated and overemphasized when it comes to the British Hegemony’s transition to the American Hegemony.

Achima believes Ecclesiastic Theology contributed nothing to the philosophy, let alone heavily.

Achima doesn’t agree with those who believe Carolingian was a major success in the spread of knowledge.

Achima writes American Football is far superior to the European Football (Soccer) any day and it is a pity that such a beautiful sports is not even considered mainstream.

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