Brexit’s NWO Connection With Betflix

Freedom Obshleger is a Political Analyst and Blogger from Jeju-si, South Korea, who thinks Turkey should be disciplined from NATO in some way for its unilateral aggressive behaviour.

Freedom believes Institutional Violence (Police, Soldiers, etc) is more comfortable to the individual/collective than personal violence in our current society.

Freedom doesn’t agree with those who think freedom of religion is still an ideal to hold onto when you have, as an example, Hitlerite cults claiming religious discrimination due to them being unable to take pilgrimages to Nazi graves or put up iconography commemorating Nazis.

Freedom believes Freedom of Religion necessarily requires a common religion against the nation. For example, majority of the US being some of Christian.

Freedom thinks humanity will go extinct within the next thousand years; United States should raid Africa.

Freedom is too impressed with Alec Baldwin’s impression of President Donald Trump. She donated a few million South Korean Won she made with Betflix to Alec for his great work.

Freedom thinks politics and online betting is more important nowadays than long-term goals for her when it comes to love.

Freedom doesn’t agree with those who think it can be a moral obligation to lie at times. Nor does she agree with those who think online shoppers should be required to pay a sales tax.

Freedom is not happy with Brexit taking a complete disregard for the Good Friday Agreement.

Freedom supports copyright protection, for she thinks digital piracy is evil.

Freedom thinks Epstein actually committed suicide; Fully Automatic Guns should be made legal; School Children should be taught how to use firearms; US and Russia should sign a new START treaty without China in it; UN should recognize Northern Cyprus as a sovereign state; Liberal Democracy is the end of history; The west and its media has had always been unfair with Moammar Gaddafi; Rajiv Gandhi was the best overall leader India ever had; Intelligence is objective and it correlates with wealth; Diogenes would have been as free as he was if there was no consistent social conventions to defy; America did good by banning Tik Tok; Christian Democracy is a good option for America; Dwight D Eisenhower was an overall good President; Malcolm X was extremely regressive for Black people but still the greatest hero for the African-American Community; North America is just as much of a mixing pot as South America.

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